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    Can I include water bills in my rent court eviction filing?

    How to properly prepare my eviction case to avoid dismissal

    My years of landlord and property management experience fed by desire to create Rent Court Manager. I understand  the hassle of having to take your tenants to court - the days lost at the courthouse and the hours spent trying to track down the status of a case. And let’s not forget the lost rent that quickly racks up for each day in the process ($40/day on average). I wanted to make it simple for the do-it-yourself landlord or property manager to file an eviction. And more importantly, have the confidence that they had “checked all the boxes” and were properly prepared in court.

    Evictions 101: Do I need an Attorney to file for an Eviction?

    I am often asked if an attorney is necessary in filing an eviction. While not absolutely necessary (there are agents available to represent you in court), there are several compelling reasons to opt for an attorney. In my experience as a property manager, and having spent a significant amount of time in Rent Court, I saw many cases where an attorney would have made the difference for the landlord. The benefits of an attorney became crystal clear for me.

    Eviction Notice Requirements: Prince George's County

    The failure to pay rent complaint has gotten a judgement in favor of the landlord. Then the Warrant of Restitution was filed. What eviction procedure is next?

    The detailed steps below show the eviction procedure for Prince George’s County Maryland. Follow these steps to ensure a successful eviction with your rental property.

    Landlord Eviction Responsibilities

    Landlords are responsible for carrying out the eviction. Different Counties have different rules as to whether or not you may simply change the locks, or if you need to move everything out and off the premises*. You may be required to hire a tow truck or two for for removal of tenant’s vehicles. You may need a moving crew of as many as 25 people, otherwise the Sheriff will cancel the eviction. Below is a reference for that is helpful in preparing for your eviction.

    Eviction Notice Requirements: Baltimore City

    If granted your Warrant of Restitution, special notice requirements apply in Baltimore City.