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    Can I include water bills in my rent court eviction filing?

    Understanding the Eviction Process

    Want to avoid losing money and guard yourself against professional tenants who can use the eviction process against you? Check out the slideshow below, recently presented by Brian Wojcik, CEO of, and Revee Walters of Offit Kurman to Meetup group Landlord411

    What happens in Rent Court?

    Housing matters between landlords and tenants are usually heard by the District Court, in a special Rent Court docket. Baltimore created the nation’s first Rent Court to hear housing cases between landlords and tenants. On a typical day, 800-1,000 cases are heard. In some counties, the pace at which housing cases are heard can be fast, depending on the whether or not the landlord and/or tenant appears and evidence (or lack thereof) presented.